Country Music Week began in 1977 as an annual event created to heighten awareness and increase exposure for Canada’s country music artists. Today, Country Music Week is made up of three components:a music festival, which includes a Songwriters’ Series, talent showcases, a full-day FanFest and a Countdown Concert prior to the awards show; the CCMA Awards Show, which is a 2-hour live, television special highlighting a year in country music; as well as an industry conference which allows the Canadian country music industry to honour those working behind the scenes via educational workshops, networking receptions, awards ceremonies and more.  

Country Music Week 2015 will be held in Halifax, NS from September 10 – 13. To see a listing of fan events click here. If you’re an artist or a member of the music industry and would like to attend the industry conference, find full conference information and registration details here.

Country Music Week entails countless hours of planning and preparation. The CCMA could not put on this event each year without the support of local organizing host committees, made up of various community stakeholders in each city. The Country Music Week 2015 Host Committee includes:

  • Stacey Jones-Oxner, Chair
  • Alex Musial, Vice Chair
  • Fiona Gibb, Sponsorships
  • Peter Johnson, Volunteers
  • Sherie Hodds, Marketing & Communications
  • Erin Flaim, Operations
  • Lisa Stitt, Events
  • Mark Singer, Finance
  • Helene Moberg, Hosting
  • Mike Musial, Project Manager/Advisor
  • Marcel McKeough, Provincial Representative
  • Bruce Guthro, Industry Growth
  • Lauren Tutty, Industry Growth
  • Joe Wood, Industry Growth
  • Neal Alderson, Events Nova Scotia

For over 35 years, the Canadian Country Music Association has been bringing Country Music Week across the country. The following is a listing of past Country Music Week host cities:

1977 Ottawa, ON
1978 Regina, SK
1979 Toronto, ON
1980 Winnipeg, MB
1981 Ottawa, ON
1982 Halifax, NS
1983 Regina, SK
1984 Moncton, NB
1985 Edmonton, AB
1986 Winnipeg, MB
1987 Vancouver, BC
1988 Toronto, ON
1989 Ottawa, ON
1990 Edmonton, AB
1991 Hamilton, ON
1992 Calgary, AB
1993 Hamilton, ON
1994 Calgary, AB
1995 Hamilton, ON
1996 Calgary, AB
1997 Hamilton, ON
1998 Calgary, AB
1999 Ottawa, ON
2000 Edmonton, AB
2001 Calgary, AB
2002 Calgary, AB
2003 Calgary, AB
2004 Edmonton, AB
2005 Calgary, AB
2006 Saint John, NB
2007 Regina, SK
2008 Winnipeg, MB
2009 Vancouver, BC
2010 Edmonton, AB
2011 Hamilton, ON
2012 Saskatoon, SK
2013 Edmonton, AB
2014 Edmonton, AB